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Message Stick Media

Service Summary

Message Stick Media allows you to quickly & simply select highly accurate media lists from the Message Stick website via any internet based PC or laptop, submit your media release 24 x 7 in all Acceptable File Formats and have it broadcasted (fax and/or email) simultaneously and delivered within minutes (or scheduled for delivery at a later date and time).

The Message Stick Media database has been compiled by our contractors with 30 years experience in building and maintaining highly accurate media contacts and clearly understand the media requirements of Government, PR Companies, Associations, Lobby Groups, Political Parties and other Organizations:

  • Highly accurate & comprehensive lists are updated regularly
  • Easy-to-use, secure and accessible from anywhere worldwide at anytime
  • Fast, reliable and economical
  • Clear and crisp output for the editors' news desk or personalized with a contact name.

Press releases transmitted by Message Stick Media have immediate impact as fax and email is regarded as the most effective way to attract media attention...on time, every time!

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